Have the Black Friday Blues?

Are you exhausted from the hustle of Black Friday? Whether or not you went out to shop, the day after a big holiday can be stressful and tiring. Do you feel scattered and need more organization in your life?

It's time to reassess!

  • Do you have a solid Christmas gift list? Make sure to cross of those who you've already bought presents for and update your list! Make sure to keep it hidden from prying eyes.
  • Have a ton of unwrapped presents in the closet? Send the crew to the grocery and wrap those presents. That way, if they do know your secret hiding place, it makes it harder for them to sneak a peek. 
    Get different colored wrapping paper for each of the family members that live in your house and don't label them. Keep a key to that coding system in a place where they won't find it!
  • Are there a few people that have you completely stumped gift-wise? We recommend toffee! If they aren't toffee fans, a nice bottle of wine or a gift card to a favorite restaurant can work in a pinch.

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Happy Holidays!