Create a Special Gift Basket for a Friend

Do you have a friend that needs cheering up? A gift basket is a great way to show you care. 

Find something that your friend likes. Does she love coffee? Does he have a favorite hobby? Use those likes to your advantage in creating your gift basket. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for personalized gift baskets:

  • The Self-Care Basket: Yoga DVDs (or a subscription to an app), gift certificates to classes you can take together, candles, toffee (of course), and kombucha. 
  • The Haute Baking Basket: Go to your locally owned baking store for organic vanilla extract and other rare or fun ingredients for your friend's ultimate baking delights. Add wine and toffee for noshing during baking.
  • The Beard Lover's Basket: Does your friend have a beard that makes them proud? Add a beard comb, beard wash, oil and balm to your basket.
  • The Spa Day Basket: A cucumber face mask, freezable eye mask, a package of bath salts with essential oils, and snacks.
  • The Lovable Nerd Basket: With the rise of fandoms, pretty much everyone identifies as a nerd these days (ourselves included). Identify your friends favorite fandom and fill their basket with creative gifts related to it. Star Wars, Harry Potter... anything! This can be a ridiculously fun basket with billions of options.

Once you build your gift basket, send us pictures of your awesome ideas!