Gift Ideas for the Newlyweds in Your Life


It's wedding season! Are you looking for gifts for the newlyweds in your life? Whether it's for the wedding itself or something to give afterward, here's a list of our favorite ideas for wedding gifts:

1. Toffee! Not only is it versatile (you can chop it up and put it into your favorite ice cream), we also have gift boxes that make it easy to bring to the big day! We have to admit that we are biased in regards to this choice.

2. Create something wonderful. Do you DIY for a living? Love to make crafts? Channel that energy into making something for your friends that comes straight from the heart.

3. Use that registry. Yeah, it's not as fun as searching for the thing that you think your friends REALLY want. But what you think is perfect may be completely out of left field for your friends. Embrace the ease of being able to jump on the registry and roll with it. 

4. When in doubt, gift cards. Seriously. 

Happy wedding season!

-- Christine