How To Plan Ahead for a Special Occasion

Yes, this seems obvious at face value -- if you want to plan ahead for a special occasion, just plan ahead. But as we've all experienced, meaning well and taking action are two very different things. If you've got something important coming up (Easter, inevitable spring weddings, birthdays), here are a few steps to help you plan ahead:

  • Make a Budget -- Think about how much you have to spend on this occasion. Is it just a gift? Do you have to reserve a space? Will you be getting party supplies?

  • Think of an Action Plan -- Are you throwing a party? Will you have to send something ahead of time? Write all of this down and separate it into a rough timeline.

  • Break it into Small Steps --  Take your rough timeline and refine into a schedule. Keep yourself accountable by entering it into your calendar (bonus for reminders on your phone!).

  • Bask in the Glow of Getting it Done -- If it's a week ahead of time and you realize you've gotten everything purchased, planned, or put into action, you rock! 

Don't forget to enlist some friends to help if you feel overwhelmed. What are your favorite ways to stay organized and get stuff done? Tell us on social!