How to Show Distant Relatives You Care This Christmas

christmas dinner

One of the highlights of my childhood was the inevitable family Christmas. The adults would bring food and sweets and spend the night telling stories with the kids gathered round. It was perfect seeing so many people I loved in one place.

Now that we've all got a few extra decades under our belts, people have moved away or are engaged with their own blooming families. It's hard to get everyone together like we used to. 

Thankfully, we have postal services. It's easy to show someone you care by sending them love through the mail. 

This company started through that simple exchange. I spent time with people I loved, made them decadent toffee (with a pinch of love mixed in), and sent it to them the next year if they weren't able to make it to the family gathering.

If you've got family or friends that you care about, it only takes a few clicks to show them that you care. Send a boxful of your heart today.

cadeau confections toffee box