Perfect Drink Pairings for Toffee Lovers

Want to have a special drink with your toffee? Here are some of our favorite hot drinks to pair with it to create a night of decadence:

  • Chai Tea - This spicy drink is the perfect pair for our toffee if you want a higgle inspired night. Here's a great recipe for it.
  • Your Morning Coffee - Is it Monday? Are you needing strength for the midmorning? Head over to the company coffee pot, get out your secret stash of special creamer (we recommend this) and toffee you've hidden behind someone's months-old lunch. This can immediately insert some well-deserved magic into your day.
  • Hot Cocktails - If you're hanging out with your friends or a loved one late into the evening, it's the perfect opportunity to have a hot cocktail with your toffee. Here is a great list of hot cocktails for you to choose from -- we recommend the hot buttered rum.

What are your favorite drinks to pair with your toffee -- Let us know!