Sending Love to Your Favorite Student - Care Package List

We all know that November brings on study season for many high school and college students. Even the mention of it brings back memories of nights in dimmed libraries, lost in a sea of books and papers.

study session

Can you bring a specific memory to mind? Does the image that springs forth also remind you of the horrible snacks you consumed to keep the hunger at bay?

Your student doesn't have to suffer this fate. Toffee (or toffee popcorn) is a great addition to a care package that can nourish and make them feel special. Here's a quick list of items to put in your care package:

  • Toffee - because tasty treats can really make a difference in writing a term paper AND sharing it will help attract more budding minds to the study room.
  • Diffusers - scent can be a powerful tool to enhance memory during cram sessions.  Lemon, peppermint, and lavender are all great scents for studying.
  • Water Bottle - something practical and BPA free, so they can stay hydrated. You'd be surprised what you forget when you're stressed.
  • Microwavable snacks - never underestimate the power of a warm, quick meal.
  • Refresh their disposables - deodorant, razors, tooth brushes, AA batteries... the works. Anything that you know they're going to need in the next two months will definitely be appreciated.

Once you have all of your items, send it out as soon as possible. Remember that a timely reminder in the form of a "study care package" can help keep your student on track. 

- Christine