Show Him Some Love on Father's Day

The perfect way to a man's heart? Food, right? Giving the gift of toffee on Father's Day is a great way to show your dad/husband/other significant fella in your life that you care.

What else can you do to show him some love on Father's Day? Here are our tips to giving him the Father's Day he deserves:

  • Think about what he likes doing for fun (with OR without you). What are his hobbies? Play to those strengths and get creative. Please don't get him another tie. 

  • Give him tickets to something he will love with flexible dates. If he's busy on the day a band is in town, it's just going to break his heart. Instead, think of Groupons or museum tickets. Or, if you really want him to see that band, make him a card with ticket options and road trip it for when he's free.

  • Don't give up when he says he doesn't want to do anything. If he wants a low-key day, give it to him, but try to make it a special day anyway. For instance, offer help if he's trying to tackle in-home projects or make him his favorite meal. Plant a secret present in the house that you'll know he will like. 

  • Keep that love flowing! Try to show him that you appreciate him for more than just one day. This goes for Mother's Day, Grandparent's Day, Valentine's Day -- all appreciation holidays, too! It is so important for us to show everyone we care ALL YEAR. 

Oh, and don't forget that toffee!

- Christine