The Recipe for a Perfect Movie Night

Cold January nights are the perfect excuse for a movie night with friends.

If you're like me, you are spending less time at the movie theater these days. Sometimes, it's easier to use Netflix or Redbox to catch movies at your own leisure, in your own comfort zone, with your own snacks. 

So why not make a night of it? Invite your friends over and pick a movie you guys haven't seen yet. Here's our list of must-haves at your movie night:

  • Toffee popcorn. It's a given for any group.
  • Beverages. Take your audience into account, along with the type of movie. Are you watching Breakfast at Tiffany's or Happy Gilmore? Align beverage choices with that.
  • Pizza or nachos. Or a veggie and cheese plate. Again, go with movie/audience fit.
  • Comfy places to sit with pillows and optional blankets.

Have anything you'd add to the list? Let us know in the comments!